Prettybot is a discord bot used to display events in the warframe game.

Basic commands

Those are the most basics commands for PrettyBot:

With the exception of help you can specify the platform used to those commands. Platform parameter can be pc or ps4 or xbox. By default Prettybot will use the platform pc.

Setting Prettybot on your server

The following instruction are to get prettybot up and running on your server. The permission Manage Server is required for you to invite prettybot on a server and execute the commands.

  1. Invite prettybot to your server.

    First click on this link. and select the server you want to add the bot to.

  2. Start the notification of events.

    The notify command allow you to activate the notification of events. For instance to notify alerts:

    !notify alert

    You can also specify several events in a single command. For example if we want alerts, invasion and sorties.

    !notify alert invasion sortie

    Parameters for the notify commands are as follow: alert, invasion, sortie, join, fissure, news, razorback, acolyte.

  3. Choose a platform

    By default the platform used by the bot is PC. You can specify the platform you want for events notified or for the commands with the !platform command who can take as parameter pc or ps4 or xbox.

    !platform xbox

    You can also specify several platforms if you want a multi-platform channel.

    !platform pc xbox ps4

    Note: any use of the platform command will cancel previous platform command.